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MTAC State Convention

  1. CM Convention Recitals. CM Convention Recitals are designed to honor students who have demonstrated exceptional skill in all areas of the CM program. These Recitals are for Path A students only. Students must have achieved a Theory Examination score of 80% or higher, and have received "Good" or "Excellent" ratings for the repertoire, technique, and sight-reading components of their CM Performance Evaluation. Students who have been selected by the Evaluator at the CM Evaluation that year are invited (with $30.00 fee) to participate in the Convention Recitals, which take place at the MTAC's Annual Convention. 


    The CM Panel Auditions program includes performance opportunities at Convention, which are different and additional to those listed above. Please see CM Panel Auditions Guidelines for more information. 


    The Recitals are categorized as follows: 

    (a) Festival Recitals: Festival Recital is a recital in which students are recognized for their excellence in performance of a CM piece. Festival recital music must be in the syllabus at the level in which the student is registered. Students may be in levels III-Adv. (piano) and I-Adv. (all others). Performance time limit is 5 minutes.

    (b) Theme Recitals feature the musical literature of a special theme topic chosen in advance by the CM Council. The recitals may include students from various instrument disciplines. Students must be in CM level III- Adv. Solo only. Time limit is 7 minutes. The theme uaually changes every 2 years; the theme for 2015 Convention is Latin American and Spanish Music. 

    (c) New Materials Recitals feature new Music (published within the last 10 years of the Recital), and are designed to encourage teachers and students to explore and present in this genre. New Music does not include arrangements or methods. Students may be in levels I-Adv. 5 minute time limit.

    (d) Ensemble Recitals are designed to promote the exploration and performance of ensemble repertoire. Ensemble Recitals may be a duet, duo or other instrumental ensemble. Students may be in levels III-Adv. and may be registered at different levels within the ensemble group. Memorization is not required. Transcriptions are accepted. Pop tunes, improvisation and prepared piano are not accepted. For more information on Convention Recital instrument/Level requirements and other rules and regulations, please refer to (Teacher Home Page). 

  2. CM Convention Program Application Process. The application for CM Convention Programs is a two-step online process, carried out over a span of time. CM Teachers firstapply for their students' participation Convention Programs on the CM Evaluation ReportForm in January (see CM Policies Section 3, Paragraph 3(iii)). For the second step, CM Teachers must return to (Teacher Home Page), and complete a Final Application for Convention Recital (You can find "Final Application" at Teachers Home Page/CM Resources/CM Documents). CM Teachers are responsible for complying with all the rules printed on the Final Application. The Final Application deadline is April 15. CM Teachers must check the Convention Student Performance Schedule after June 1 for student performance times. 


  3. CM Convention Application Fee. A Convention Application Fee shall be charged per student at the time the CM Teacher applies. This fee is non-refundable and payable by credit card or PayPal during the online Final Application process. The only students affected by this fee are those performing at the following: CM New Materials Recitals, CM Theme Recitals, CM Festival Recitals, CM Ensemble Recitals, and CT Symposium Recitals. Aside from this one-time Application Fee, all students and their family members are admitted to the entire Convention at no additional charge, and may attend any Convention event, including all recitals, master classes, lectures, concerts, and the exhibit hall. 

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